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Artificial intelligence is cancer treatment aims to detect cancer earlier from medical and non-medical information. It is expected that there might be some patterns of symptoms and behaviours within accessible data sets that could be used to indicate the presence of a cancer. These sets of data can be of medical background which can include general practitioner presentation patterns, prescription records, health insurance claims etc. and also of non-medical background which include social media activity, shopping history, online search history for a particular disease. These collected data are then employed for deep-learning for proceeding further so as to combine the collected data sets with the cancer risk factors and also to device methods to go for diagnostic investigation at an early stage and facilitate the early detection of cancer. Artificial intelligence in cancer has a wider application which include cancer diagnosis, designing of treatment plans, algorithms of cancer epidemiology, genomic analysis, data-mining, evaluation of biomarkers, machine learning, cancer patient care, automated patient-machine interface, evidence based chemo or radio dosage suggestion, automated radiation prescription, automated MRI/CT/PET image analysis.

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Artificial intelligence and its application in oncology, Big data to artificial intelligence, machine learning, cognitive systems, designing of treatment plans, algorithms of cancer epidemiology, genomic analysis,

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Academicians, scientists and researchers in oncology, radiation oncologist, Ph.D. scholars, young researchers, radiologists, radiation oncologists, surgeons, pathologists, epidemiologists, pharmaceutical companies

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