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Use of drugs in cancer treatment show remarkable responses but for many patients they stop working this phenomenon is known as drug resistance. Drug resistance is the most challenging problem faced by cancer researchers. Failure of a drug while treatment may result in cancer recurrence. Drug combinations are believed to overcome or delay the development of drug resistance in cancer patients while treatment. Drug combinations include two different approaches, one of them is by co-administering drugs which work through different mechanisms in which one increases tumor cell killing while the other reduces drug risistance.

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Cancer immunotherapy, newly discovered drugs for cancer treatment, drug combinations used in treatment, side effects of drugs, drugs under clinical trials, cancer vaccines, nanoparticles in cancer therapy, cancer pharmacology, novel approaches in treatment methods, cancer inflammation and immune tolerance, anti- cancer agents,


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Academicians, scientists and researchers in oncology, radiation oncologist, Ph.D. scholars, young researchers, radiologists, radiation oncologists, surgeons, pathologists, epidemiologists, pharmaceutical companies

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