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Radiation therapy in cancer has its application at different times like before surgery for removal of a tumor, the tumor is subjected to radiations in order to reduce its size by shrinking it, this method is used in neoadjuvant therapy. It is also used after surgery i.e., either after removal of tumour or mastectomy, in order to lower the risk of cancer from recurring or coming back, this method is known as adjuvant therapy. Radiation therapy is also helpful in relieving the pain and also to control the symptom of advanced cancer, this method is known as palliative therapy.

Before a patient is subjected to radiation therapy certain things are taken into consideration like healing up of wound, chemotherapy etc. After surgery radiation therapy is given to the patient only after complete healing of the wounds. If a patient has to be treated with both chemo and radiation, then radiation is performed only after chemotherapy is completed. Radiation therapy shows some side effects like fatigue, pain, changes in the size and shape, difficulty in moving the shoulder, skin problems, lymphedema, organ damage and inflammation of the lungs. These side effects suggest that the side effects depend on the area which is exposed to radiation, dosage of radiation, treatment schedule and the size of the area being treated.


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