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After cancer treatment cancer patients or survivors are left with major changes in the body which can be either in functional or in physical form. Reconstructive surgery aims to restore the normal function as well as the physical changes caused due to cancer treatment. Reconstructive surgery is done on a medical basis which involves the role of a surgical oncologist and a reconstructive surgeon during the surgery. These surgeries are mainly performed in certain type of cancers which include breast cancer, skin cancer, melanoma, uveal melanoma, eye cancer, oral cancer, throat cancer, parathyroid cancer, thyroid cancer, skull based tumors, head and neck cancer, cancer of vulva, vagina and cervix. Reconstructive surgeries are usually performed immediately after removal of the tumor but in some cases they are performed after completion of other treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Reconstructive surgery cannot be performed unless the cancer is completely removed from the diagnosed location as it may result in other consequences. The recovery time of reconstructive surgery depends on the type of surgery.

Most of the reconstructive surgeries include microvascular techniques also known as free flap surgery in which the surgeon takes tissue and blood vessels from one part of the patient’s body and transfers them to the damaged part, this process is also known as transplantation. Other type of reconstructive surgeries includes the use of artificial implants, local flap surgery, scar revisions, skin, tendon and bone grafts. As far of the present cancer cases, it has been observed that breast cancer is most commonly reported among women and most of the reconstructive surgeries performed are for breast cancer.

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