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T-cells are thymus derived lymphocytes. There are many types of T-cells and each one is specific in its function. It also helps in fighting cancer directly or indirectly, Killer T-cells kill the cancer cells directly by finding the cancer cells and these killer T-cells and also be stimulated to kill cancer cells. Another T-cell known as Helper T-cell fight cancer indirectly. Cancer affects T-cell functions, during chemotherapy it depletes the T-cells and other white blood cells.  A newly emerged research therapy involves re-engineering of a patient’s T-cells in such a way that they recognize and kill the cancer cells. It has been found effective in case of lymphoma. The functioning of T-cells is dependent on cancer-immunity cycle. When cancer cells die they give away antigens which are recognised by the immune system. Special immune cells called antigen-presenting cells takes up these cancer antigens and are present on their cell surface so that other immune cells can identify it. The antigen-presenting cells activates the T-cells in the lymph nodes and instructs them to recognise the cancer cells. These activated T-cells travel through the blood stream, infiltrates the cells, recognises the cancer cells and kills them.  

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Academicians, scientists and researchers in oncology, radiation oncologist, Ph.D. scholars, young researchers, radiologists, radiation oncologists, surgeons, pathologists, epidemiologists, pharmaceutical companies

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